WaveMark Systems for UMass Memorial

RFID companies have been searching for sensible healthcare applications for some time. Now, a Boxborough, MA Company, WaveMark, has developed an application that seems to have real world benefits. WaveMark makes an RFID based inventory system, designed to keep track of medical devices  such as cardiac stents, balloons and pacemakers.

In order to improve the tracking of these expensive items as well as improve the level of patient care, UMass Memorial has installed the WaveMark systems into the  cardiac cath lab, electrophysiology lab and its radiology intervention lab.

13.56 MHz RFID tags are applied to the item packaging and used to track the position of the item inside WaveMark’s “Smart Cabinets”. The system is aware of items that are added and removed from the system and RFID readers at the point of use ensure that all items are accounted for (and of course that patients are correctly billed.)

Check out the WaveMark website here.

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