Welcome to Labeling News

Welcome to Labeling News, the on-line news magazine from Winco Identification. The idea behind the site is to be a resource for our customers and friends to help keep them up to date with what is going on in the fast changing world of identifying and tracking items and people.

Along with articles and commentaries from people in the WincoID team, we are open to ideas from guest contributors from our customers and partners or indeed, anyone wanting to play a part. Since a big part of our business is helping our customers solve labeling problems, we’ll be including a lot of information on topics such as durable labeling for the electronics industry as well as the special labeling needs of the defense contractors.

A lot of this content will be available for download as reference material. Labeling News is also a community. You will learn more about our people and how they are helping other customers improve their business processes and reduce costs. You’ll also have the opportunity to join in the discussion. Just register on the site and you will have access to post thoughts and comments about our posts. Posts that we consider inappropriate, along with spam will be moderated, but we want to promote discussion so don’t intend to remove posts that happen to disagree with our point of view. Indeed, we all want to continue to learn so differing views are welcomed.

One of the easiest ways to keep up to date is to subscribe to our RSS News Feed. Just click on the orange logo at the top right of the page and you are in business. Personally, I subscribe to about 50 feeds and read most of them on my Pocket PC phone. For me, RSS is one of the best things about the Internet.

Thank you for visiting Labeling News. Our team will be working hard to bring you interesting and useful content to make you want to come back often.

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