Nepcon Report

OK, I admit it – I’m one of those strange people that actually enjoy tradeshows. This week we are exhibiting at Nepcon, the show for the electronics manufacturing industry. The show opens in the morning so today I spent a few minutes to head to the convention center to make sure everything is in great shape for opening time. Here are a few quick pics – there will be more to come tomorrow.

Gary fine tuning our Print/Apply System nepcon setup

Our Datamax Printers – the new M-Class MkII and big brother H-Class printers labeling news

Tharo Print/Apply System tharo labeler

After the show I’ll be posting a hands on review of the Tharo system.

Check in tomorrow for more.

Right then – it’s tomorrow, Day 1 of Nepcon. Here are a few more pics.

First, Harry and Nate – the Dynamic Duo

Overall view of Nepcon Nepcon

So which printers do these guys sell?

The Labeling News newsletter!

It’s the last day of the month – must check the sales numbers!

Harry seems to be connected to the machine somehow….

Day 2.

Here are a couple of pics form the 2nd and final day of the Nepcon Show – Enjoy!

John starting the day as a New England guy should – getting Dunkin Donuts coffee

Harry hard at work

Kathy is supposed to be learning about this guys booth design – she’s busy posing instead

Jen, Noreen and John having a laugh

Well, that’s it for Nepcon 2008. Thank to to all the visitors to our booth and to all the Winco team for the great work.

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