RFID Asset Tracking

RFID for Asset Tracking

If you have to take care of your organizations’ expensive assets (such as IT items or equipment) you’ll know that keeping track of everything can be time consuming.

You may well have invested using a barcode asset system to help keep everything under control. Barcodes are certainly a big step forward over having to write everything down but there can still be difficulties, especially when the barcode labels are in hard to reach locations.

As most of you already know, RFID technology does not require line-of-sight to read information. Thus, using RFID tags to identify your fixed assets makes keeping track of things faster and easier. No need to get close to the item or try to read labels tucked under desks or other difficult locations.

To make it easy to get started in RFID asset tracking, Winco ID has developed an RFID Asset Startup Kit that provides everything need to get a handle on where everything is.

The key to the kit is the Intellitrack Fixed Assets RFID software package. This is a simple yet powerful asset control program that comes with a license for one PC and one mobile device. The kit also contains the Motorola MC9090 RFID Reader and a supply of RFID tags to get you started. Our RFID tags are specially designed to be able to work on metal items by the way.

Not ready to go with RFID? No problem – Intellitrack Fixed Assets is available as a barcode version as well. You can start with barcodes and upgrade to RFID if your needs change in the future.

Download RFID Asset Tracking Info Sheet (PDF)
For more information on RFID asset tracking, contact us or give us a call at 603-598-1553.

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