Easy-To-Understand DoD Labeling

Demystifying DoD Labeling Standards

If you supply goods to the DoD and need to comply with MIL-STD-130, MIL-STD-129, UID or RFID labeling requirements, read on.

Winco ID’s Seminar, “Demystify DoD Labeling Standards” is designed to simplify the requirements and the steps to compliance. What do those who have attended have to say?

“I learned a lot in a very short period of time.”
“The information was good and it was presented in a way that made it easy to understand.”
“I was happy to learn better ways of dealing with the data transmission part of DoD compliance.”

On June 4, 2008, Winco ID hosted our seminar directed specifically for DoD suppliers. Those who came out in the rain came away with a good understanding of MIL-STD-130, MIL-STD-129 and how to comply.

Suppliers and Prime Contractors learned of the labeling compliance requirements, how to get the data right on the labels, meet the deadlines, keep up with the changes and know their shipments will pass when their DCMA arrives.

Mr. John O’Brien from Siemens was on site to talk about UID, verification and validation. John was a member of the team that developed the Data Matrix Code and works side-by-side with the Department of Defense on developing and managing changes to Standards. Siemen’s line of products enable verification and validation of direct parts marks, labels and dataplates for compliance with Unique Identification standards and requirements. This includes concise, detailed reporting for results for backup and compliance audits.

David Holliday, Sales Manager for Winco ID, talked about once the labels are done, you’ll need to know what to do with the data. Working with lots of data using the WAWF screens can be slow and WAWF can’t handle embedded UID’s. Subcontractors are being asked to submit similar data to Primes. Some attendees shared their experiences with handling the data and the long hours involved. They were very happy to learn of a solution that would elminate hours of labor trying to transmit the data other ways.

Attendees saw the true value of IDWorkx, software that provides an “out-of-the-box” cost effective solution for DoD labeling compliance. Integrating RFID and UID into your existing business processes and avoiding electronic submission costs with IDWorks can save you thousands of dollars annually.

Winco ID and our valued partners bring together a complete solution to compliance with Military Labeling Standards. We offer experience, in-depth knowledge, support and resources to serve your labeling compliance and bar code needs.

If you missed our seminar, please contact Winco ID at 1-800-325-5260 X237 or visit WincoID events page. Deadlines are being enforced, and regulation details are numerous. Mandates are changing; making it difficult for some to comply and others to know when they are truly in compliance. Those who are not ready or are found to be non-compliant face the possibility of incurring high penalties, delayed shipments and loss of contract business. Don’t let this happen to you.

Here are some of today’s highlights:

– Steps to labeling compliance including RFID and UID.
– MIL-STD-130: UID and product labeling – What is UID, deciphering & printing the UID code,
   and QC, ABC’s of validation and verification.
– MIL-STD-129: Shipping, pallets and cartons/RFID, what changed in Change 4, what you need
   to do to meet the requirements including RFID and unit level packing.
– Why it’s important to unify the workflow.
– Managing the data using WAWF, the UID Registry, and your trading partners using AIA Standard.
– Should you have your labels preprinted/pre-encoded or print your own?
– How to get your labels done correctly.
– Industry experts answers to your questions.

David Holliday
1-800-325-5260 X237

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