New Labeling Materials for Product Identification

Durable Labels for Product IdentificationWinco ID has introduced a new line of label materials including white and metalized polyester base films and overlaminates for product identification.

These materials are ideal for durable goods and equipment such as power tools, outdoor heavy equipment, automotive, and industrial tools which demand durable labels that remain readable and intact over the life of the product.

For DoD suppliers who need to comply with UID labeling mandates, these material offer a range of capabilities uniquely suitable for demanding military applications.

The new line of materials offers excellent resistance to dirt, moisture, and chemicals, as well as to abrasion and scratches. All products are coated with a high-performance permanent solvent-based acrylic adhesive offering high initial tack, and excellent long-term bond to a wide variety of low surface energy, plastics and metals including some powder coated surfaces.

Product identification and safety/hazard warnings are too important to trust to just any label stock.

Recently, a manufacturer of farm equipment needed labels that could withstand extreme outdoor conditions, and be printed using their existing thermal transfer printers. These labels, imprinted with important model and serial number information, needed to be applied to painted metal and would be exposed to chemicals, hydraulic fluids, and grease as well as some abrasion during the useful life of the equipment.

Winco’s TT764 silver polyester, combined with a premium resin ribbon met the demands of this application. This customer was able to lower their overall product and inventory costs, while increasing efficiency and accuracy by printing labels on-demand rather than using preprinted labels.

For more information, contact John Burke @ or by calling 800-325-5260.

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