What To Expect From Your Label Company

“All I can really say is: wow,” Jeremy exclaimed. “I am really blown away by Winco’s commitment to customer satisfaction!” 

This company’s expertise in cryptology is used to secure our nation’s communication networks. There was nothing cryptic about the service and support he now enjoys as a Winco ID customer.

As a subcontractor, Jeremy had to keep up with the printing demands of his customers and comply with DoD UID labeling mandates. He knew it was time to upgrade from the Prodigy printer to a higher-resolution, industrial-strength printer. The new Datamax 300dpi M-Class Mark II Thermal Printer was selected months before it was even available for shipment. He didn’t know that he would receive the very first 300dpi Mark II Datamax shipped.

He also wasn’t aware of the quality of Winco’s total-solutions package that was to come.

Along with his new printer, Jeremy received on-site installation and training, label design software, labels, ribbons and support.

According to Jeremy, the installation went seamlessly. “I was surprised that both Gary and David (Winco’s Sales Manager) were scheduled to participate in the training and installation of our new hardware/software.“

Winco’s Lead Service Technician, Gary, was quickly able to recognize some poor print quality on the labels. He attributed it to operator error as Jeremy was using a wax ribbon on a polyester label. 

“We switched over to a resin ribbon, and the quality was perfect,” Jeremy explained.  To avoid this error in the future, Jeremy designed a simple color-coding system to match the different ribbon types to the correct labels for printing.

David walked me through setting up a UID label format in Bartender. His training was excellent. He was able to get me comfortable with Bartender and all of its features. I know the training was a success. Since then I have created 2 additional UID label formats from scratch – just to test myself and the training.”

Jeremy added: “We then reviewed and discussed our workflow to see where utilizing the UID mark for WIP tracking would be a value-add.”

Winco ID will continue to work with Jeremy’s company to maximize their investment in bar code and label solutions. This will include traceability and reduction in errors, and tracking WIP inventory.

Jeremy, along with many Winco ID customers, is familiar with our extensive support and the importance of our complete, value-add solutions. Our support team specializes in DoD labeling compliance, and updates to the Military’s evolving standards.

Our customers have access to the most responsive compliance solutions including:
Preprinted labels for MIL-STD-129 and pre-encoded labels when RFID is required.
Durable labels and preprinted Construct 1 or Construct 2 for MIL-STD-130 including UID.
Complete labeling systems with printers, encoders, readers, verification, scanners, and data management tools required to meet these military standards.
Ongoing support and updates.

“Again my experience with Winco has been bar none, the best (including you!) I would like to thank you all for your commitment to success, -Jeremy.”

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