BarTender 9.0 From Seagull Scientific

Just the other day, I was thinking that it has been a long time since there was an update to BarTender.

Here at Winco ID we support several barcode label software system, but BarTender is always my goto product for DoD labeling, RFID and when database connectivity is needed.

Recently the latest version – BarTender 9.0 was released. It seems that the Seagull guys have not been asleep these last 12 months or so – they have been very busy coming out with a ton of new features. With labeling becoming more tightly integrated into our customer’s overall workflow, there are a lot of new features that will make BarTender 9.0 and attractive option.

Version 9.0 of BarTender label and RFID software is Seagull’s biggest software release in over ten years, and includes the following additions:

  • Printer Maestro application provides super-friendly centralized management of every printer and queue on any size network.
  • Printer Media Usage Tracking and inventory control of printer parts.
  • New BarTender System Database lets you log more detailed print job information and be better prepared for high-security audits.
  • History Explorer provides easy, highly flexible navigation and viewing of past print jobs.
  • Reprint Console lets you easily replace lost or damaged labels, even if the original label data is no longer readily available.
  • New Integration features.

Other new features are outlined in Seagull’s Whitepaper giving full details of all the new features available in Version 9.

If you need more information on upgrading or trying out BarTender, just let me know via our Contact Page.

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