Bartender Service Release – 9.01

The guys over at Seagull Scientific have released a new version of Bartender – 9.01.

Anyone trying to activate 9.0 will be sent to download the newer release.

Seagull has provided full details of the problems fixed in 9.01 (as well as the download links) on this page.

If you have purchased Bartender 9.0, the Activation Code that you received with your software remains the same. Most of the installation CD’s currently in the supply chain will be for 9.0 so there will be a lot of downloading going on. Actually, my version of Bartender is 9.0 so I’ll be downloading too!

If (like me) you have already activated Bartender 9.0, you should have received an email from Seagull with a link to the 9.01 download. This is assuming that you had registered the software as part of the activation process. If you didn’t get the email, just download 9.01 from the Seagull Site.

For more information, head over to the Seagull news page.

Looking to upgrade from a previous version to 9.x? contact me at and we will be happy to help.

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