Help With DoD Compliance Labeling

Figuring out what you need on your labels to meet Military Labeling Standards is not always a straight-forward task, especially when it comes to compliance issues. What information needs to be on the label? What kind of bar code should you use? Do you need to make changes to the labels you already use? These are the types of questions that we often get from our customers.

Take for example the MIL-STD 129 or MID-STD 130 standards. Most contractors and subcontractors know they need to be in compliance, but aren’t sure of the details, especially when updates to the standards occur.

Often, we get calls from customers who assume that being in compliance means adding the cost of RFID or UID labeling to their budget.  Before starting up the process of creating new labels, we will take the time to review the standards and their contracts to figure out exactly what it is that they need.  The contract will call out DFARS Clauses that mandate RFID and UID. It’s not required in all cases.

Sometimes it turns out that their inexpensive shipping or product label is already compliant. In some cases, We have had to convince customers that buying more expensive RFID or UID labeling is unnecessary because their existing labels will do the job!

Customers who must comply with MIL-STD-130 have learned the importance of knowing exactly what label material to use. This saves time, money, and avoids the risk of loosing contracts for non compliance.

The time we spend with customers might not result in additional sales for Winco ID, but we know our customers appreciate saving time and money by not having change to RFID or UID labels.

So call to inquire about compliance issues, or about any other kind of labeling or bar coding that you might need to know about. We will be glad to talk to you and help you find exactly what you need.

David Holliday
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