Motorola VC6096, the Ultimate In-Vehicle Mobile Computer

Motorola VC6096, the Ultimate In-Vehicle Mobile Computer

Ever since Motorola acquired our friends at Symbol Technologies, it was clear that there would be a convergence of Symbol and Moto products.

The new VC6096 is a great example of this – an in-vehicle device that brings just about everything good from both companies into one product.

The VC6096 is intended for transportation and logistics providers and offers just about every communications technology that these companies are likely to need – including wireless WAN (WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), Bluetooth, GPS and advanced telematics support.

One good thing about the Moto takeover is that the new devices get an up to date version of Windows Mobile. Symbol always seemed to be lagging a couple of versions behind. No such problem with the VC6096, it comes with the latest and greatest WM 6.1.

Plenty of memory as well – 128MB of RAM and 256MB of Flash ROM. More memory is available via the SD Card slot, although SymboRola seem to limited to just 2GB here.

This new device should be available during Quarter 4 of 2008.

Check out the product page on the Symbol/Motorola site.

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