Barcode Printer Service – Wise Move or Added Expense?

In the current economic climate, just about every organization is being forced to reduce capital and operating budgets at the same time as improving efficiency and quality.

Many Winco ID customers are deferring spending on capital projects, meaning that older equipment will need to be used well beyond the time it would normally be replaced.

Many barcode printers are busy performing mission critical tasks – meeting customer labeling mandates, product identification, shipping labels, patient identification. It is important that these printers continue to operate at peak efficiency.

A printer goes down – production stops.

Barcode quality deteriorates – downstream processes fail or customers are unhappy.

Emergency repairs are expensive and stretch IT resources.

Our Winco ID on-site service plans for barcode label printers can be an important part of your strategy to keep all your label printing working smoothly. Some of the advantages of using our service include:

  • Budget friendly. You know up front the total cost of support for the year, no unpleasant surprises.
    Winco service includes all parts, travel and labor (including printhead coverage if that is selected).
  • Preventive Maintenance – all printers under our care get PM visits stop problems developing.
  • Customizable – we have standard plans, but tell us your unique needs and we will put together a special service plan just for you.
  • Versatile – Winco ID service is available for just about all thermal label printers. We can also service legacy equipment, often after support is no longer available from the original manufacturer.
  • Fast – depending on the level of coverage you select, our factory certified technicians can be on site the same day (within our same-day service area of course)

In addition to label printers, Winco ID can also provide service for Photo ID badge printers and data collection equipment such as scanners and mobile computers.

If you are responsible for your organization’s label printing and are faced with diminishing budgets, give me a call at 603.598.1553 x237 or see here for more information.

Winco service is a Wise Move!

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