Is Your Bar Code Process Working Efficiently?

How are you to find out the answers and know you are operating at peak efficiency? When your boss asks, do you know? If you are the boss, you need to know.

Today’s competitive global market has companies tightening things up, looking for ways to save money, increase productivity and remain competitive.

Years ago, With the promise of success, bar code systems were widely adopted to increase productivity, accuracy, and automate operations. Some of the most common applications included product identification, inventory management, asset tracking, work in process and compliance labeling.

Well planned bar code systems exceeded expectations and delivered on that promise. Companies experienced a valuable return on their investment. Today, some of these systems are exactly the same today as they were back then.

Is that a good thing?

By reviewing your current operations and daily processes, from start to finish, opportunities for improvement are often uncovered. This includes your bar code and labeling system. Why? New technologies are available, better labeling materials. improvements in printing options and more. Often changes in operations that happened over a period of time can be overlooked.

Think of this as an energy audit for your bar code process. Here are a few things to be sure you look at:

– Your bar code printers seem to be working ok but are your printers positioned in places that make sense in your production facility? Can end-users easily access printed labels? Do today’s wireless printing capabilities make sense for you?

– Are you using the right mix of printed and blank labels to reduce the number of roll changes and wasted labels?

– Are you getting misreads from trying to read bar code labels that are too far away?

– Are you waiting too long to get the data you need to make better business decisions? Is it accurate?

– Are people in other departments informed of potential out-of-stocks in a time to avoid problems that affect your customers?

– Are your printers operating efficiently? If printheads are worn, you risk poor bar code reads. That may impact tracking, product identification, shipping, receiving, inventory counts, and even non-compliance with Federal labeling mandates.

Don’t let your bar code process fail you. Some times just a few minor changes can make a big difference. Rely on knowledgeable service and support of your bar code and label vendor to help you maximize the systems you may already have.

Winco ID offers a complete review of your bar code process. We’ll help you look at how you are using your labels, placement of your printers, scanning equipment, tracking capabilities and compliance requirements.

Call David Holliday at 1-800-325-5260 X237 or email to find out if your bar code systems are working as hard as they can for you. We will help you maximize your investment in label, bar code and RFID systems. There’s no cost to review your process, there’s no obligation.

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