RFID in Retreat

RFID in Retreat – Is it terminal?

It seems at the moment that RFID is in retreat just about everywhere. With Wal-Mart backing off on their RFID program, including their Sam’s Club one, Zebra having to write off a large amount from some of their acquisitions and their involvement in Intermec’s Rapid Start program (I’m sure a lot of companies have lost a lot on that deal – really smart move my Intermec though) there isn’t much in the way of good news.

A really good review of the current RFID situation can be found over at RFID Monthly from the excellent analyst Reik Read at Robert W. Baird & Co.

Personally I’m sure there will continue to be failures and consolidation in the RFID market. A lot of businesses seem to have started with unrealistic expectations and what we are seeing is reality setting in.

Our RFID program here at Winco ID continues to grow, based on our expertise and hard work in the DoD sector.

Read the Baird post here.

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