Durable Adhesion Without the Bubbles

perf-label-structured-adh-2Durable adhesion without the bubbles

Do bubbles or wrinkles caused by poorly applied labels or from outgassing of  injection-molded parts have you spending money on high scrap levels or reworking parts – eating into anticipated profits?

Winco ID offers an innovative new line of durable label materials designed by 3M to eliminate bubbles, resulting in a high quality, professional looking image.  This unique label construction uses a specially designed channeled adhesive (3M calls it Structured Adhesive) that allows air pockets to be cleanly smoothed out.  A product label that is free of bubbles, wrinkles, and other defects enhances brand image and increases the perceived value of the product it identifies.

Available in white and silver polyester, as well as a durable vinyl label material, these labels are coated with 3M’s 350 adhesive, a popular choice for sticking to many low surface energy (LSE) plastics and powder coated surfaces.  Matched with the proper thermal transfer ribbon, this construction offers tough durability for challenging applications – including harsh chemicals and high temperatures.

For more information, or a free on-site label consultation to see how this unique and affordably priced solution could provide you with hassle-free, and brilliant looking product labeling solutions, call John Burke at 603-598-1553 or email john@labelingnews.com.

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