Keeping Up With Labeling News

We try hard to keep Labeling News current, with plenty of new stories.

Since a story only stays on the front page a short while, it can be easy to miss something of interest. To help with this, there are a couple of ways to keep up to date with new Labeling News stories.

First, is our RSS feed. The URL for this is: You can also just click the News Feed link at the top right of our page. You should be able to access our feed through your favorite RSS reader. At the moment, mine is Google Reader on my iPhone. postphoto

We have also started posting new Labeling News stories on our Twitter feed. Our username is LabelingNews and the URL is

You will also see a “Tweet this” link at the end of our stories. If you see a story that you’d like to share, just click on the link.

Follow us on Twitter or use the RSS and you’ll never miss a story.

You can be assured that we will also be adding new ways to communicate in the future.

Happy Labeling!

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