Manual Data Entry of DoD Contracts or EDI850?

For many companies, when your DoD contract arrives in the mail or by fax, the person(s) responsible for entering the data gets to work.

They are familiar with the manual process of entering the pertinent information such as the shipping address, the receiving address, how many, what class, shipping methods, methods of preservation, and much more; too many to list here. This includes all the information per standard, per item, that you will need to ship via the WAWF.

Some companies have people dedicated to entering contract data. If they are skilled and know what they are looking for, this process can take from 30 minutes to an hour per contract. Multiply that by hundreds and you have to take the process seriously.

How do you increase the productivity and accuracy? Is there help? The answer is yes, and it comes from your Government. Go back to your contract contact person and request your contract data be sent electronically in EDI 850 Data Format. For those who subcontract, this may mean going back to your customer.

For those of you who are familiar with contract data entry, you’ll be happy to see all the data you won’t have to enter manually using the EDI850 version of the DoD contracts.

Once you get signed up for these, they are delivered to you by email.

I’ve just been playing with importing into idWorx, and it is really simple and saves so much time. All the contract information, along with the line items, is imported in just a few seconds – saves a huge amount of messing around.

This is a really powerful feature.

Compliance with Military Labeling Standards can include a lot of data entry, data collection, tracking and transmissions. If you are handling your data manually and find the process is too time-consuming, or can’t afford errors in the process, take a look at InfinID Workflow Solutions.

By replacing your paper-based system and manual data entry with idWorx, you save time, money, and the risk of errors.

David Holliday
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