Google’s Morse Code Logo

googlemorseI’m loving Google’s logo today, to celebrate the birthday of Samuel Morse, the inventor of the code that uses those little dots and dashes.

I must confess, I had no idea Morse was such an interesting guy. It is well worth while reading his Wikipedia entry. Thanks Google!

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  1. http://Duncan%20Hill says

    “Describing the Irish as a teeming sea of ignorant, dirty, overly fertile drunks, he ran for office on a platform of keeping America ‘pure.'”

    “1836 saw his first of two campaigns to become Mayor of New York City. He ran for, and was apparently a fairly rabid spokesperson for, the Nativist party. This was a group of fairly despicable human beings. A bunch of racist, pro-slavery assholes, who were dead set against immigrants, especially the Jewish and the Irish. Morse himself appeared to especially hate Catholics. His campaign didn’t go all that well, which is likely a good thing. He only managed to get 1,550 votes the first time, and garnered a mere 100 the second time he ran, in 1841.”

    He “hated” American Catholics and “would have denied citizenship to the foreign born (especially the Irish) and he wrote pamphlets abusing those who would abolish slavery”.

    That’s right. He loved slavery and enslaving black people. He said it was “not a sin” in Christianity, and that slave owners were doing so for the “wisest purposes, benevolent and disciplinary”.

    Sounds a bit like a 19th century version of the White Supremacists, only wearing smarter clothes and without the skinheads. He donated loads of money to these idiots.

    So much for Google’s “Don’t be evil”.

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    He didn’t invent the telegraph anyway. And the “Morse” code used these days is not the same code that Morse invented. It is only called “Morse” code because it is based on it.

  2. http://David says

    Hi Duncan, you probably thought I’d deleted your post, but it had found its way into the spam bucket.
    Thanks for visiting and for commenting. Since I’m foreign born myself, Morse probably wouldn’t have liked me too much either.
    It is always interesting to wonder what the views of these people would be if they lived in today’s social climate.


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