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These days it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to have good communication with their partners. When I think partners, I’m thinking of the company’s employees, clients, potential clients, suppliers and potential suppliers – I’d also tend to include competitors, industry groups, business groups – really anyone that has a relationship with us.

We have such an array of communications methods available today, that there is no excuse to not have real two-way conversations with business partners.

Here at Winco ID, we are embracing Social Media as part of our overall communications strategy. Want to join us on this exciting journey? Here are just some of the ways to communicate with us using some of the popular Social Media sites:

Labeling News
Labeling News – the online newsletter – well you are here already. Feel free to leave comments after any of our stories.
Labeling News Facebook page – facebook.labelingnews.com
Labeling News on Twitter – twitter.com/LabelingNews

Kathy Young
Kathy on Twitter – twitter.com/labeling

Linda Kosidlo
Linda on LinkedIn
Linda on Twitter – twitter.com/LindaKosidlo

John Burke
John on LinkedIn
John on Twitter – twitter.com/jb_WincoID

David Holliday
David on LinkedIn
David on Twitter – twitter.com/_djh

As more people get involved, I’ll add their contact info as well.

We are committed to using Social Media to allow us to better communicate with our friends and partners. If you use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter already, we’d love to meet you on-line. If you are new to all this, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help you get on board. The very fact you are reading Labeling News (a WordPress blog) is a great start.

Scan on your mobile phone to visit our Facebook page

Scan on your mobile phone to visit our Facebook page


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