David’s Tech Tip – Agency and Warning Logos

ul-logosDo you sometimes have to print logos or warnings on your labels? You know – the UL or CSA logos, the little ESD logo, that kind of thing. I know that this can be a pain, finding a suitable image file, make it the correct size the fit on the label.

If you use Bartender as your label software, you’ll find a much easier way. The Seagull guys have taken the trouble to include a lot of the standard warnings and logos as Truetype fonts. This means you can place the logo on your label as a text field and scale it just as you would any other font – great idea.

To learn more, go into the Help menu index and double click Fonts. Then look on the right to find “Special Symbols.” ┬áThe help page will show you the families of symbols that are included as well as the corresponding keyboard key to enter them.

Here’s a useful example: a client needed to print the ESD symbol onto a label. Since he has BarTender, it is just a case of choosing the Seagull Electrical font for the text object and pressing 7 on the keyboard.

This is a really powerful and useful feature – thanks Seagull guys.

Want to learn more about using Bartender to solve your labeling problems and make life easier? Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237.

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