idWorx! 1.9 – Beat the WAWF Blues

idWorx! 1.9 – Beat the WAWF Blues

Having to enter a lot of info into Wide Area Workflow can drive you crazy. Too much typing? Too much time wasted? Too many mistakes?

As the UID and RFID mandates are starting to be enforced, contractors are going to find that they have to enter even more information into WAWF for every shipment.

Don’t despair, there is a solution!

Winco ID can provide you with idWorx! the DoD workflow solution that is designed to take away the WAWF blues. With idWorx! your WAWF submission becomes literally, a press of a button – how’s that for a step forward?

idwssThe good news is that it doesn’t stop there. idWorx! was written to take care of the complete DoD workflow, from entering contracts to shipping.

This includes all the levels of labels from UID to MSL, verification of UID barcodes, tracking of parent/child relationships for assemblies, RFID and much more.

The latest version of idWorx! (version 1.9) was recently finished and it contains a lot of exciting new features:

1. Services and Business Objects have been restructured to provide easier to use API = simpler integration into your existing infrastructure.

2. idWorx! now allows switch between thin and thick client on the fly.  This means that you can use idWorx! from anywhere you have an internet connection.

3. MSL and RFID can now be integrated together.

4. Functionality has been expanded to supports all possible identification label scenarios – unit, intermediate, exterior and MSL labels

5. Now supports UID Registry web services to allow real-time checking of UIDs.

6. Reporting tools are now more efficient.

7. Search framework has been simplified to allow on the fly-searching and filtering of data.

8. New and improved user interface makes application easier to use than ever.

I’ve had the chance to set up and use the new version and I’m really impressed at how idWorx! is evolving.

So don’t suffer from the WAWF Blues. Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 and I can arrange an on-line demo of this fantastic tool.

If you are visiting Eastec, I’ll be demonstrating idWorx! live along with my good friend Rosie the Robot!!

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