MIL-STD-129 Compliance – step by step!

So you have a DoD contract and you are being asked to ship with the MIL-STD-129 labels? How do you get into compliance with this as easily as possible?

Actually, this can be very straightforward, especially if you use Winco’s 3 Steps Approach.

Step One.
This is the easiest. We can make you labels for you. We’ll need to know which of the labels you need (Unit, Intermediate, Exterior or MSL) as well as the data needed to be printed on them – we’ll send you a spreadsheet to fill in the info for us).

If your contract required these labels to be RFID enabled, we’ll take care of that as well.

Step Two.
If you need to print larger volumes of these labels it might make more sense for you to print them in-house. Again, Winco is right there to help. With printers, labels, label software, templates and RFID readers, we can put together a labeling solution that meets your exact needs. We back it all up with training and support as well.

Step Three.
It is important to remember that labeling is only one part of the puzzle. The other is handling all the contract and shipment data that needs to be uploaded to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).
Winco is a Certified Partner of InfinID Technologies and can provide their idWorx! DoD Workflow Solution. idWorx! integrates the complete DoD contract workflow, saving time, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

Want to learn more? We have produced an eBook that covers all the steps of MIL-STD-129 compliance – just contact me and I’ll be happy to send it.

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