New: MIL-STD-129 & RFID Guide to Labeling

eBook: Your Guide to MIL-STD-129 and RFID Labeling

The DoD is cracking down on compliance deadlines for labeling specifications under MIL-STD-129 for containers and shipments. Your contract may include a DFARS clause which would require RFID labels or tags be used.

The labeling standard, MIL-STD-129 has recently been updated to MIL-STD-129R and we’ve updated our eBook to include the new information. Get your copy here

Depending on if it is your contract or your customer’s contract, you may also have to send related data back to the DoD. If you are currently using a DD250 paper-based system, you probably know that is being phased out and the new requirements include using an electronic transmission ie: WAWF and UID Registry.

There are some real benefits to this mandate: 1.) The US stands to save billions of dollars in defense expenses.  2.) With better management of shipments and supplies, critical supplies  will be readily available when needed. And 3.) Once in compliance, you should be paid faster.

This process doesn’t have to be painful. It’s actually simple once you understand the necessary steps and implement a good compliance plan.

If you need to comply with MIL-STD-129 and may have RFID requirements, you will want to get your copy of the newly released eBook from Winco ID.

ID Technology’s eBook uses an easy-to-follow format to guide you through the steps to make compliance as easy as possible.
Some topics include:

* How To Label Levels of Shipment Containers
* Managing The DoD Workflow
* When Is RFID Required
* Can I Still Use My Shipping Labels

Whether you are required to label your products for the DoD or your customers are asking you to comply with the terms of their contracts, you can simplify your labeling with our MIL-STD-129 UID eBook.

David Holliday

For those who have already received your eBook, please take a moment to let us know what you thought. We are always looking for ways to help our customers and provide innovative solutions to labeling and barcode systems.

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