PCB Labels Never Looked So Good

black1Is reflected light from white labels causing problems in your electronic product? Are you looking for high performance black labels that match a dark or black background to enhance aesthetic appeal? Or have your attempts to completely reverse print labels left you wanting more?

If so, try our new matte black polyimide label material. This material features a 1.0 mil black film capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 900F°/500C°, which makes it an excellent choice for electronics assembly or durable product applications. The permanent acrylic adhesive offers excellent bond strength to a wide range of surfaces required for industrial applications.

Used with white resin ribbons, this material can be printed with thermal transfer printers to create high quality bar codes and images that are very durable against abrasion and chemicals.

This material can be die cut to meet your specific needs.

For more information or help designing a solution using our black polyimide label material, call me at 800.325.5260 x257 or email to john@labelingnews.com.

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