The 12for12k Challenge – time to give back!

The 12for12k Challenge – time to give back!

You’ve probably noticed that Social Media is quite a trend these days. What with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc, everyone is doing so much connecting that it is surprising we actually get any work done.

For me personally, I’ve learned an enormous amount and met some fantastic people via Social Media and I was really happy to learn that there is a way one can actually give something back.

The 12for12k Challenge was conceived by Danny Brown, one of the top Social Media Marketing guys. His idea was to select a different worthwhile cause each month and raise a minimum of $12k for each through the goodwill of the Social Media community.

The charities chosen are not in the mainstream, but all need support to continue their good work. That’s where you come in!

If you’ve found Labeling News to be a good resource, please consider making a small contribution to one of the 12for12k charities. As you would expect in the current financial situation, these guys are in need of support more than ever.

You’ll find a lot more info over at the site and you can also check out @dannybrown on Twitter. I’m trying to get him to auction off his hat! By the way I’m really pleased that my Social Media site, Totally Incorrect is an official blog partner of  The 12for12k Challenge.

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