UID Forum – Orlando

UID Forum OrlandoThe next in the  DoD’s series of UID Forums is scheduled to take place in Orlando, FL September 8 -10, 2009 and we are going to be there! We are going to be in the tradeshow, Booth #22. Our exhibit will feature a complete UID and RFID workflow solution. If you at at the event, be sure to come and say “hello”.

The UID Policy implemented by the DoD is not going away. It’s only getting stronger. If you hold a government contract (or if you don’t but your customers do) you will need to become familiar with the 2D Data Matrix code and the labeling requirements.

Two good things:

First, we can help you comply with the labeling requirements under MIL-STD-130.

Second, beyond compliance, there are benefits that this process can provide. If you are new to the concept of barcoding and automated data capture, you may be surprised to learn just how far your investment in the process can take you. If you are already using barcoding for tracking and traceability, you’ll now have a means to traceability throughout the life of an item. Some popular uses are for supply/demand, work in process, quality controls, recalls and warranties, and more. One thing the DoD is looking to do is to track components that fail in the field right back to production. This is where you will want to know if it’s your part or not … they will!

This process starts with labeling your parts with unique identifiers using a 2D data matrix code. There are policies and procedures to follow and updates to keep up with. You’ll need to know them all to comply.

Simplify MIL-STD-130 & UID eBookLabeling compliance with the DoD’s MIL-STD-130 doesn’t need to be complicated. Winco ID wrote an e-Book to help you get into compliance. Read more about it, call or email me for your free MIL-STD-130 Guide to Labeling Compliance.

Check out the UID Forum’s website and register to attend. Let us know you’ll be there and we’ll make sure we set aside time to go over any questions you have. We’ll show you the fastest way to compliance.

Remember: December 31, 2010 is the deadline for complete  IUID marking of items and all applicable embedded assets within existing items. Sounds like a ways off, but it will arrive all too soon if you’re not prepared. A lot of contracts already have the UID requirement and you can be pretty sure that any new ones you are awarded will as well.

Can’t wait until September for the UID Forum? Just give us a call or leave your comments. We’ll make sure you meet your deadlines.

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