Printer Service – How Do You Choose?

service2Over the last year or so, some of the printer manufacturers have made the move to introduce on-site service support of their own. These are offered either directly through the printer manufacturer or by their resellers – usually resellers who have not made the investment to set up a service team of their own.

On the face of it, this might seem to be a good idea to get the actual manufacturer involved in supporting your labeling operations.

In real life it is not so simple.

None of the large companies such as Zebra, Intermec or Datamax has a service team of their own – they outsource their on-site service work to a third party.

This means that the technician that shows up to work on your barcode printer probably has not been through manufacturer certification training and might even be a photocopier service guy with little or none barcode printer experience.

service1Here at Winco ID we are really proud of the great folks in our service team. The Winco technicians are factory trained and certified by the big printer companies such as Zebra, Intermec and Datamax. While this represents a big expense for a small company such as Winco, we feel this is essential to provide a high quality level of support.

By the way, a really important feature of the Winco service plans is that they include regular visits for preventative maintenance. We believe that is is better to stop problems occurring the first place than trying to fix them afterwards. Not all manufacturers plans include this important feature.

Should you be located in our service area and purchase a Winco service plan, your labeling operations will be taken care if by our own team – everyone is a Winco employee, dedicated to growing our business by taking care of our clients.

We support a lot of thermal bar code label printers all over New England and beyond.

So the next time an AIDC VAR tries to sell you a Zebra, Datamax or Intermec service plan, don’t assume that the technician will be an employee of the manufacturer or even that they have gone through factory training. The best way to ensure properly trained and certified technicians is to insist on a Winco ID service plan.

Are you having trouble keeping up with maintenance on your printers or do you have printers and scanners sitting in a corner because they need repairs? We can help.

Call me at 603-598-1553 x237 and I’ll show you how we can help you control these costs and improve productivity.

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