RFID: Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast

tt_rfidThe motto for RFID technology is to “think big, start small and move fast,” says Chris Hanebeck. If you’re still wondering if RFID can help boost your process improvement efforts, we recommend reading the post from R.W.Baird’s RFID Monthly titled, “The Value of RFID.”

This article presents some real-world examples of the benefits of RFID implementation. You’ll see how RFID can help speed things up, locate things or track things as they move through production and shipping. RFID is also showing promising returns on investment by preventing mistakes or errors. It may not actually “fix” your problem, but alert you in time to take corrective action before it becomes a visible and costly problem.

Chris Hanebeck is an experienced consultant and innovator who holds US patents on RFID and wireless technology. We found R.W.Baird’s reprint on Chris’s article both informative and well-done. We hope you take the time to read on. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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