Top Ten Reasons To Attend The UID Forum

The UID forum, taking place next month in Orlando Florida, is the place to be if your business is affected by the UID Policy. UID helps the defense community manage the cost of items and gives the DoD an accurate source of property and equipment, among other things. But you probably are already familiar with the DoD’s compliance mandates, so why should you attend?

Listed here are the top ten reasons why you should attend.

10. December 31, 2010 is the deadline for complete IUID marking of items and all applicable embedded assets within existing items; an impossible deadline to meet if you don’t already have a plan for UID implementation.

9. The UID policy is mandatory! You can’t ship your products to the DoD if you do not implement UID successfully. And if you can’t ship your products, you won’t get paid.

8. This policy impacts all acquisition programs and suppliers. This includes small to mid-sized businesses, the kind of businesses needed to keep the economy moving in the right direction. So don’t let a lack of UID understanding impede your business in any way.

7. Marking with the mandatory 2-D data matrix barcode is required for some contractors, and high capacity automatic data capture might be something new for you. For others, it may mean adding the 2-D data matrix and changing the way you mark your parts. Either way, you’ll want to understand this technology, and how to incorporate it into your processes as efficiently as possible.

6. You’ll meet people who are well versed in the compliance procedures for UID implementation who can give you the tools and guidance you need to make it happen.

5. An exciting event agenda starts with a Basics Tutorial for the novice, including a case study on how to begin implementing UID in your business. Other topics include Contracting Basic, Step-by-Step Process of IUID Implementation, and The UID Compliant Label. You will return to work knowing what you need to do to get your implementation project going.

4. There are some great exhibitors in the trade show. You’ll get to visit Winco ID’s booth (booth #22) and talk to David and John. They will help you de-mystify the process of introducing UID and RFID labeling into your workflow. Demonstrations of printing and verifying UID labels and uploading data to the WAWF will be on hand as well. You’ll get to chat with some of the top vendors of UID problem solving products such as our partners at InfinID.

3. The event is being held in the beautiful, brand-new, Hilton Orlando hotel in sunny Florida. If you are planning to stay at the hotel, you can get a discounted rate of $109 if you book by August 21. Maybe you should bring the family and stay in Orlando for a while.

2. Post-show gatherings at the cabanas around the pool are a great way to relax and mingle with other attendees. Have a drink and talk with people who are just like you, trying to make sense of DoD mandates and figuring out how to make it all work. The word is that Carl Brown of SimplyRFID is buying the beer. Not to be missed!

And the number 1 reason to attend the UID Forum is you’ll become knowledgeable about UID and comfortable about implementation, helping your business make a seamless transition from non-compliant contractor to fully compliant contractor.

If you hold DoD contracts (or if you don’t but your customers do) you may well need to become familiar with the 2-D Data Matrix code and the labeling requirements.

Winco ID can help you comply with the labeling requirements under MIL-STD-130. From labeling your parts with unique identifiers using a 2D data matrix code to understanding policy procedures, updates, and changes. Get a head start on UID compliance by downloading the Winco ID eBook on MIL-STD-130 today:

If you are planning to attend, please leave a comment or let us know. We look forward to seeing you there. If you’ve attended another UID Forum in other parts of the country, please share your thoughts and opinions or what you learned.

Not going to the event but need help with UID implimentation? No problem, give David a call at 603-598-1553 x237

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