Google’s Barcode Logo

google barcode logo Being a barcode guy I was excited to open Google this morning to see that the Google logo had turned into a barcode!

The reason for this is that 57 years ago today, the first patent for barcode technology was awarded to Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver.

I was interested to read that this first barcode patent actually covered a 2D barcoding system – one that could be read in any orientation. I’m sure there was some Al Gore influence going on there.

In the 57 years since the patent approval, barcoding has come a long way and is still developing.

So thank you Googlers – it is nice to see one of the foundations of our industry getting some prime-time coverage!

Oh, if you are wondering, the Google logo is a Code 128 barcode and when you scan it, it does contain the word GOOGLE!

Are you excited about the Google logo too? Maybe it’s a barcode geeky thing 🙂

Update: The Google barcode logo is a trending topic on Twitter as well. Now I know we’ve hit the big time!!

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