Help Jennifer Fight Hunger!

jen-walkWe are really proud that our Product Manager, Jennifer Tello is going to be stepping out and taking part in the Church World Service Crop Hunger Walk on October 25th

There are events being organized all over the US and Jen will be walking right here in Nashua, NH.

With the holidays coming up, it an especially good time to think of those who really need our help and we really appreciate what Jen and many others are doing to make a difference.

We would really appreciate your support for Jennifer. You can make a contribution right at her personal page here.

When she isn’t doing good deeds, Jen is the label and ribbon guru here at Winco ID. If you use Winco labels in your organization, there’s a good chance she was involved in ensuring they are top quality and do a good job for you.

Thank you. Hey Jen – good luck on the walk.

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