Reasons to keep that old label printer going

Data on your labels is needed throughout the supply chain.

Data on your labels is needed throughout the supply chain.

While the printer manufacturers obviously want us all to constantly buy new bar code printers, there can be very good reasons for keeping your current printers in use. Here are just a few:

It’s doing a great job – why change it?
Absolutely, if you current printer is doing everything you need, there is little point in spending to get something new.

Capital is hard to come by these days
Somewhat true. While there might be restrictions on capital spending in your organization, there are also a lot of good lease programs out there. Having said that, it is important to make investments where your business will benefit most and this might well in an area other than new printers.

Looked at the specs for new ones and there really isn’t anything that would help me
This is a problem that I often have with the printer manufacturers. Quite often new models don’t really bring anything really new which would create a compelling case to upgrade. There are some niches that really need to be filled with new products, but I don’t see much interest in developing for these.

This whole process has been validated
If you work in a company where the processes need to go through a validation procedure, this can make it difficult to swap out items of equipment.

Don’t want the problems of disposing of the old equipment
Actually, this should be a reason to stop you moving forward with new printers. In our case, we support a lot of older models that no longer have manufacturer support. Because of this we are always looking for older model machines to use for parts and will properly dispose of the rest as part of our green initiative. If you buy your new printers from Winco ID, we’ll happily take your old ones away.

Manufacturers trade-in deals not tempting enough
To be sure! All the manufacturers seem to have trade-in deals these days, but on the whole, clients don’t seem to find them too compelling.

New printers are hard to find
I’m not sure how long this is going to be an issue, but here in the US, most of the label printer manufactures decided to outsource their production. In this process, they let go a lot of really good people. This has resulted in seriously messed up supply chains and long lead times.

tt_serviceIf you do intend to continue using your older label printer for some time to come, you should consider investing in Winco ID service coverage. Our plans cover all repairs and parts (some plans have printhead coverage, too.) It is easy to budget and keep your printer operating costs under control. What’s more, Winco ID Technicians are factory trained and certified by the leading manufacturers to ensure  reliable repairs and maintenance. We can also often support legacy products after support from the manufacturer ends.

Are you using older model label printers in your business? Do you feel any need to upgrade to new printers or are they doing well for you? What kind of upgrade incentive would you use if available?

Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 to discuss how to get the best from your investment in label printers.

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