RFID – It’s Here and It’s Promising

When you think of RFID and find yourself saying, “…don’t use it, aren’t going to start”, then you may be surprised just how much RFID plays a role in YOUR everyday life already.

easypassSome common applications we see are at highway tolls. Using RFID transponders,  cars  pass through and pay without stopping. My dog has an RFID chip so if she gets lost or taken, there is a better chance of getting her back. There are people who are voluntarily implanting an RFID chip on their person to keep their medical records and used in the event of an emergency. More retailers are using contactless payment to speed lines at the register.

When you go to a store, how aggravating is it to find the item you are looking for is out-of-stock. What good is a rain check for your headache and who has the time to go back?  How many of you have bought something only to notice the “Best if used by date” was two months ago? Do you use it anyway?

It comes down to tracking and traceability capabilities.

The food and drug industry are leaders in actively using RFID for tracking, traceability and identification for safety and efficiency throughout the supply chain process. Billions of dollars are spent on recalls and with proper traceability, this can be significantly reduced. Meeting FDA compliance mandates for food and drug safety requires accurate and up-to-date records on demand when problems are uncovered. Manual record keeping is quickly being automated in many industries due to being prone to errors and taking valuable time.

Lastly, access control is a popular application for RFID in parking lots, multi-building corporations, colleges, and healthcare facilities. Either a swipe or a contactless system provides easier, efficient access without sacrificing safety.

Those are a few examples of how RFID provides convenience and safety. There are plenty of reasons why RFID may not be practical today – one being cost in certain situations. For many others including inventory control, work in process, warranty processing, recalls, and asset tracking, it may be simpler than you think. Out-of-the-box solutions are available for small to mid-size jobs. And larger jobs and often benefit without having to restructure your current workflow.

RFID is making strides in various industries and has been growing more rapidly as more consumers have a better understanding of what RFID can do for their business. We find RFID has its place and when properly employed, can have a high, justifiable ROI.

How do you see using RFID in your everyday life or your job? Want to learn more? Please contact us to share your ideas and RFID wish list with other readers.

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