Automating UID Verification

jen-uidThe Microscan UID Verifier does a great job of ensuring that all your labels are compliant with the MIL-STD-130.

The problem is that when you have a lot of labels to verify, it can be a very tedious and time consuming job.

Here at Winco ID, we often have to verify UID labels that we convert and print for our customers.

Jennifer, the Label Guru, has come up with a great idea to speed up the process. She sets up the roll of printed labels on a spindle and uses a powered re-winder to pull them through the verifier. Once set up, she allows just one label at a time to be pulled by the verifier, grabs a snapshot of the Datamatrix barcode then repeats the process.

Pretty nifty huh?

Do you have to verify UID labels? Have you come up with any tricks to make the job easier?

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