BarTender Librarian – keeping things under control

Keeping label files under control

Let’s face it – in a lot of businesses, there isn’t good control of the different label files that are used.
Often labels are stored on the hard drives of individual PCs and even if kept in a shared folder, the labels are often altered without the correct control procedures being followed.
When a company has a number of locations, keeping control of the files and changes to them becomes very important.
To help with this, our friends at Seagull Scientific have come up with a new application called BarTender Librarian. The idea behind Librarian is to allow groups of designers, users and administrators work together to manage the storage and revisions of label files.

Librarian improves security by keeping al the labels in a secure database structure, rather than having loose files scattered around on different PCs. An approval workflow can be set up that ensures labels cannot be used until they have passed through the correct procedures and revisions can be easily managed.

Bartender Librarian is just one of the applications included in the Bartender Suite. It just keeps getting better.

Want to learn more about Bartender label software and how it can simplify your labeling operations? Just give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237

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