Bakeries, Retailers, & Consumers Save Money

Some of us remember when a loaf of white bread cost about .29 cents (around 1980!) You probably won’t find that in today’s supermarket but what still exists is the thin profit margin bread manufacturers and bakeries work with to deliver product. Industry professionals are constantly looking for ways to be competitive and make a profit.

This bakery found a way to be more efficient by making a slight change to their special promotion labeling. These day glow labels are used to call a shopper’s attention to purchase their bread and save. There is a cost to the label, a cost to apply it and these costs come out of an already thin profit margin. There is no room for error with labels that fall off. Every label counts.

Day-Glo Price Labels

By changing the adhesive on the label to one with high initial tack, labels could be applied to the bread bags with minimal pressure. This helps to protect the product from damage during production. What’s more, the labels could be applied faster. Using a blow-on applicator and the new gripping adhesive, the label would stick as soon as it met contact with the packaging. The applicators could be run at higher speed without worries of it coming off during packaging, transport or on retail shelves.

The bakery did not have to change their label or incur additional label die charges to take advantage of these benefits. By working with Winco ID, their label vendor, they now have a way to work faster and keep pace in the modern day business world.

Winco ID manufactures these, and many other stock or custom, labels on site for quality product with faster turn around. To learn more about how these labels are made, read more here.

Are you in the bakery business or work with slim profit margins, have you looked at your labels for ways to save money, increase customer satisfaction, or speed up your production lines?

Leave us a comment, or share your challenges with us by calling Winco ID at 603.598.1553. Ask about our onsite production analysis at no charge or obligation as long as you are in our geographical range.

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