Considering a Bar Code System?

If your organization is looking to implement or upgrade an existing bar code system, then you may have questions like “where should we start?”, “what type of barcode should we use?”, and “what is the best equipment for our situation?”.

To help address these and other questions, Winco ID is offering a free download of the “Industrial Strength Barcode Tracking Systems Implementation Handbook“.  This 90-page handbook was written by our trusted partner, Dr. Peter Green of Bellhawk Systems Corporation. Dr. Green  has a decade of experience developing and implementing over 70 bar code tracking systems for clients in a variety of industries.

The handbook aims to help Project Managers, Information Technologists, Engineers, Operations Managers, Distributors, Food and Drug Processors, Laboratories, Repair Depots, Engineering Contractors and others who are starting to use bar codes or are looking to upgrade an existing bar code tracking system.

The handbook provides an excellent overview of bar code technology, capabilities, and options across multiple industries.  Dr. Green shares real-world examples of how clients are using bar coding solutions to improve data capture, streamline processes, and simplify order processing.

An in-depth discussion of some of the typical bar coding equipment that is successfully used in a variety of industries – scanners, wireless mobile data collection equipment, bar code printers – gives you a better understanding of the equipment that is right for your organization’s needs.

And don’t forget that all the hardware needs to work in your existing software architecture. Dr. Green also describes the different approaches you can consider to make everything work the way it should.

Bar coding systems are used across the globe to provide accurate and efficient tracking solutions. The most successful systems are designed based on a well-thought out plan. Your plan should encompass your current needs, other departments, and outside sources that may also benefit, and be flexible enough to handle future growth or unforeseen requirements.

Download Barcode System Implementation Handbook

When you need to implement or upgrade your bar code system, start by downloading our free guide. It’s one of many tools Winco ID offers as a member of your team.  We help you analyze your needs and develop a plan:  everything from design through installation, training and support. So whether you are just beginning, expanding your current tracking system, or faced with upcoming compliance mandates, Winco ID will work with  you through the process and help you achieve success.

For more information about Winco ID and our qualifications, please visit us at or call David Holliday at 603.598.1553 x237 or 1.800.325.5260×237.

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