David’s Tech Tip – Barcoding with your Epilog Laser

I must say, I’m always impressed with what a great job the Eplilog laser engravers do – on all kinds of applications.

One we have seen a lot of recently is the need to be able to engrave barcodes onto items; particularly high quality UID marks.

Did you know that a simple way to get into barcoding with your Epilog laser is to use the well proven Bartender label design software?

Just the other day I installed Bartender for a client who has a brand new Epilog engraver. Setting up Bartender with the Windows print driver that comes with the Epilog machine takes only a few minutes and it opens up laser engraving to the world of barcoding and product identification.

If you need to get your Epilog laser into barcoding or UID give me a call. We are a business partner of Seagull Scientific, the company behind Bartender and we will be happy to help.

How are you handling barcoding on your direct part marking applications? How can we make it easier?

David Holliday 603-598-1553 x237

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