Ideas For Better Labeling

If you are trying to figure out how to streamline your operations with a minimum of investment, perhaps it’s time to examine your labeling process. We know of some low-cost and simple ways to change the way you label that can result in some nice productivity gains. Here are some ideas that can help you realize real process improvements and save some money.

Distributed Printing.  Distributed printing is a simple concept: electronically forward the label print job to the point where you need to use it. Instead of sending a label print job to a centralized, high-speed printer, add a few smaller printers in areas where your labeling is needed. In this screnario, you eliminate physical distribution of your labels from a central location to other sites. Think of the savings in time and labor, especially if you use your labels far from where they are printed.

Mobile Printing. Mobile computers have the ability to print, scan and access database information when you need it. So instead of doing your labeling at a PC connected to the scanning and printing equipment, employees can move to where they need to label. With the variety of mobility options available, users can take the computer and printer with them, either on a shoulder belt, on a fork life, or on a cart. Again, the savings in time and labor can reduce the costs of printing labels and improve labeling accuracy.

Smart printing. By using the computing power that is built into modern label printers, you can create some simple apps to enhance productivity. These printers integrate the memory and processing power of a personal computer so that you can run print operations without a PC or a network connection to a host computer. With smart printers, you add scalability and flexibility, letting you add devices or upgrade existing ones as your needs change, all without stressing your IT support structure.

Materials and Adhesives. Perhaps your labeling issues are due to improper label materials. If your labels become unreadable or don’t stick as needed, you might be using labels made of the wrong materials. We provide specialty material to match your application and offer unique die cuts and label shapes. We can advise you of the proper ribbons, materials and adhesives that are just right for your application and will last in any type of environment.

Printer or Scanner Maintenace. Labeling might not seem to be a key factor in operating your business, but once your labeling equipment fails, it suddenly is very important. Keeping your equipment in proper working order is essential for proper labeling. With proper maintenace, you stop problems from occurring in the first place and keep your labeling up and running. In the long run, service plans offer some cost savings and give you one less thing to worry about.

Pre Printed Labels. It might be more efficient and less costly to have us print your labels for you. We work closely with our customers to come up with some pretty clever labels that solve a problem unique to their manufacturing or shipping operations.

There is a lot to labeling, and a lot of ways to make it more efficient. If you don’t know where to start, give us a call. We can check out how you do your labeling, and give you some ideas on how to make it better, more accurate, and less costly.

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