Mobile Printers – Thermal Transfer and RFID

Mobile printers offer one of the best ways to improve productivity and accuracy by producing the label right at the point of use – no matter where you are.

Mobile printers are lightweight, easy to use, durable, and offer outstanding print quality and graphics previously found only on stationary printers. Many offer a wireless interface that allows connection to enterprise networks and applications from anywhere in the facility, indoors or out.  Using direct thermal  technology, it is a good, inexpensive solution for producing temporary labels.

What about those times when a more durable label is required – one that lasts when exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight? Direct thermal labels will fade over time – a general rule of thumb is six months – sooner in extreme conditions.

Up until recently, mobile printers were limited to using only direct thermal technology. When you need more durable labeling solutions, this meant you had to walk back and forth to your big, heavy printer or wheel around cart-based printers. This wouldn’t work in field service or even in some warehouse or production environments where workers climb up high, go from truck to door, building to building, you get the idea.

Check out Zebra’s new P4T mobile printer. These new revolutionary printers are most popular in warehousing, inventory control and asset tracking where users have the connection to the main database, can go just about any where, and print the label right where it is needed. The job is done.

And what about your RFID label and tag printing requirements?  Ever had to print and encode an RFID label or tag? How far did you need to go to get one label? Mobile printers are now available with the option to print and encode RFID labels and tags. These are growing in popularity as RFID labels are one of the most common types of labels that are needed in low volume, many times one label at a time and most companies have the fewest number of RFID enabled printer/encoders.

Mobile printers are not what they used to be … they’re even better. They are even working on a Color mobile printer which is intended to be used in counterfeiting applications.

We will be running a series on what mobile computers can do for you. So if you’ve been thinking of going mobile, or extending your current mobile workforce, be sure to stay in touch.

Check back for my next article on “Five Tips for Choosing The Right Mobile Printer.”

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