Feeling the Pressure to Adopt RFID

There continues to be a lot of buzz in the marketplace on the use of RFID technology as more companies are looking at RFID technology as a tool to enhance supply chain visibility and provide real-time information for better business decisions.

Some activity is due to businesses, like those who supply to the DoD, who are under compliance mandates to supply RFID tags. Others are required by their customers to employ RFID on a larger scale in order to be able to communicate with other suppliers in the supply chain or for tracking to handle recalls effectively and quickly with minimal damage to sales and supply.

There is an informative article by Chris Hanebeck that may help put things in perspective when considering how to use RFID technology and how to get started. Rather than trying to take an “all or nothing” approach to RFID, Chris explains the importance starting with identifying your company’s goals. By following these steps, you should have a solid understanding of how RFID technology can best increase your competitive standing in the marketplace before implementing any thing.

We strongly agree with Chris’ point of view that while there is thought and careful planning that goes in to implementing RFID technology and there are certainly proven benefits, that you really can’t afford to sit back and wait. Just as products to market first have an advantage over all others, the benefits and perception of companies using RFID successfully will certainly position companies as leaders while others who follow will be catching up.

Winco ID is working with customers across many industries to develop and implement strategic plans for successful tracking and traceability using RFID technology. Our services include accurate site surveys, installation, training, support, and barcode systems that work along side RFID applications without disruption to your existing infrastructure.

If you are ready to start getting on board with RFID technology, please call David Holliday at Winco Identification 1.603.598.1553 X237.

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