Variable Data On Preprinted Labels – How?

Preprinted labels and On Demand Printing Variable Data
When serial numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, and other variable data is required for your labeling jobs, preprinted labels may be an economical and efficient way to go. 

The labels you see here are all preprinted on durable label stock but each has their own specific application. 

MIL-STD-130 UID Label

Preprinted Labels with Preprinted Variable Data
This supplier is mandated by the Department of Defense under MIL-STD-130 mandate to provide unit-level labels. Each label requires a unique data string. This particular label would be costly for the supplier to print themselves because 1) it uses reverse print black on silver matte polyester label stock 2) has an overlam for protecting the print and 3) must last the entire life-cycle of the product. By pre-printing what you see here, the most expensive part of printing is reduced as they are ordered in larger quantities. The variable data is printed on-demand when needed.

 The bottom section of the label is blank. This is where variable data, in this case the Unique Identification string of data containing the serial number in a Data Matrix 2-D barcode, will be printed in batches when needed. A spreadsheet containing the variable data lots is submitted to Winco ID. Our label printing lab uses Thermal Transfer printers to print the data and the labels are sent to the customer. The customer is able to comply with government contracts containing MIL-STD-130 labeling mandates without the expense of buying a printer, or taking one from an existing production line.

 Preprinted, Two Color Labels for Printing On Demand

Two Color Preprinted and Print On Demand

Printed on a glossy, silver polyester label material, this label can be used in two ways. One application is to use it as is. The durable material lasts, and the two color graphical layout enhances the corporate image. This same label can also be printed on demand. When variable data is required in a labeling job, the customer uses their existing thermal transfer printers and prints in the blank area at the bottom. The customer has consistent, high quality image that  1) saves time because they con’t have to change rolls of labels in printers 2) cuts costs with efficient ordering, and 3) reduces waste by using one label for two applications. 

What Can Using Preprinted Labels Do For Your Business?

Preprinted labels can be used in many different ways. Whether your application calls for graphics, multiple colors, paper or durable labels as printed or combined with printing on demand, your labeling jobs can become more efficient and economical by: 

  • Ordering in larger quantities when applications are combined
  • Save time changing rolls of labels in your printers
  • Save on managing different label inventories
  • Provide a consistent look for your business
  • Save time ordering and maintaining art for several labels
  • Reduce waste

Preprinted labels are just one example of how you can improve your labeling process and business operations.  When was the last time you took a close look at your labeling? Are you experiencing slow downs in production? Do you need to improve your ability to track work-in -process or provide traceability throughout your supply chain? 

If you answered yes, or want to explore ways to improve business operations using labeling, David Holliday at Winco ID will help you analyze strategic barcode, label, or RFID technology-based solutions to help. Call 603.598-1553 X237.

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