Which Edition of BarTender?

Bartender is a great label program, but it can be tricky trying to figure out which edition you need.

Seagull Scientific currently has no less than six editions, from the incredibly powerful enterprise Print Server down to the (very) Basic Edition.

Like most of the label software companies, Seagull has published charts of all the features in each edition, but this can get confusing.

In an attempt to make it easier for potantial customers, Seagull has come up with an interactive version of their Features and Editions Comparison Chart. Check it out here!

To be honest, I find that the thing about BarTender that most confuses my clients is the difference in licensing between the Pro and Enterprise editions. You’ll note that this is the very top item in the chart.

Do you use BarTender or are you thinking of using it? Need help with determining which edition you need? Let me know what you think.

Winco ID is a business partner of Seagull Scientific, we have been providing and supporting Bartender with great success!

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