Local Stylists Raise $521 For Haiti Relief

The dynamic duo supporting the people of Haiti

On Sunday, March 21, Caren Holliday (David’s lovely wife) and Stephanie Sullivan, along with some of the team at East Coast Styles opened the salon doors for “Cuts 4 a Cause – making the world better one snip at a time!”

The idea was to put their time and talents to work cutting hair to raise money to help the people of Haiti devastated by the recent earth quakes.

A group of spirited supporters stood road-side with bright posters to draw in people for a hair cut. Family stood by to welcome those who came. Friends stopped in to join in the fun, have snacks and help others.

“Cuts 4 a Cause” started with a desire to help and help they did. The event raised $521.00. All proceeds have been donated to Hope for Haiti, an organization that ensures 100% of all donations received in response to the earthquake are going directly to Hope for Haiti’s disaster relief effort on the ground. The 12for12k charity movement has also been supporting Hope for Haiti and has raised about $10,000 so far – just goes to show what regualr people can achieve.

Those who supported this worthwhile event were touched by the enthusiasm and passion of those involved.

Caren Holliday says, “I’m sure most of us have said “I’d like to help”, but how? We are an industry of passionate, energetic, talented, and caring people. Why not use our natural talents, the same ones we use nearly every day to help the lives of thousands? Let’s show our community and beyond we care! We create, let’s create! LET’S CARE, let’s DO!”

Good for you Stephanie and Caren! Good for all the people and businesses who help.

If you would like to leave a comment for Stephanie or Caren, please do so here or join in the conversation at  Twitter.

East Coast Styles is located at 433 Amherst Street in Nashua and can be reached at (603) 883-3737.

Do you want to step up in your community and make a difference? Why not become active in 12for12k – help is always appreciated!

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