Preprinted & Encoded DoD Labels

As the government continues their effort to improve inventory and tracking of essential military inventory, more DoD contracts are calling for compliance with labeling specifications under MIL-STD-130 and MIL-STD-129. DCMA inspections are taking a more serious approach to enforcing these labeling mandates. Shipments are being delayed and units are rejected when the proper labeling requirements are not met.

For one label or many, pilot testing, or when you have a limited supply of product affected by the MIL-STD-130 or ship under MIL-STD-129 compliance mandate, it may make more sense to have your labels printed and/or encoded using an outside vendor. This approach will save you time and money when:

  • you aren’t sure how to format the labels or set up the necessary data.
  • you have low volume DoD compliance label requirements.
  • don’t have the right printing or encoding equipment, scanners and verifiers.
  • your shipments are delayed at DCMA inspection because you don’t have labels or the labels are not done correctly.

Follow a simple ordering process to have your RFID SmartTags, UID labels, dataplates, or preprinted bar code labels done for you.  You don’t need to worry about the format, layout, bar code requirements, label size, material, adhesive and verification requirements.

Each label is then inspected for accuracy and readability and tested to ensure acceptance from your DCMA or customer. Every lot comes with a Certificate of Compliance. Our team is well-versed in Military Compliance Labeling Standards and will know exactly what you need to comply or fulfill your labeling requirements.

Don’t risk missed deadlines or failing inspections. Call WincoID for your preprinted labels and dataplates.

  • Paper
  • Polyester
  • Aluminum
  • Polyimide-Kapton®
  • Custom Materials
  • Construct 1 or 2 by contract specifications

To learn more about our printing service, go here.  Be sure to check out our RFID Labels for Traveler Forms to comply with MIL-STD-129 and make transmitting via WAWF easy, faster and accurate.

If you are having trouble with your DoD labeling requirements, please share your story with others here. If you are ready to take your labeling inhouse, you will want to attend our free seminar “Demystify DoD Labeling Standards.”  >>more

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