Need To Comply With PTI Standards?

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is as industry-wide standards program aimed at developing chain-wide electronic traceability using a standardized system of case barcoding for all produce sold in the U.S. Such a system would enable standardized marking and identification of each case of produce, efficient data collection by buyers and handlers, and electronic storage of that data so that it can be tracked from the field to the table.

The PTI uses the GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for case-level identification. The GTINs on the cases identify the produce manufacturer and the type of produce inside the case. When this information appears in a barcode, each handler along the supply chain that scans that barcode will have a record of when that case of produce entered and left its facility.

Are you confident that your produce case labels are marked correctly and comply with PTI standards? We offer a labeling system with a variety of configurations to fit your particular environment. The ToolWorx SmartPTI™ Suite gives you the tools to fully automate your labeling. Print PTI-compliant labels without a PC or handheld terminal and eliminate mislabeling. If you need help with your labeling system, call us at 800-325-5260 for a complete and effective solution.

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