USB Host and SD Option for Datamax Printers

Datamax USB host

Cognex scanner and USB memory in our H-Class printer

Did you know that some Datamax printers (H-Class, M-Class and A-Class) can be equipped with a USB host and SD card option?

Why would you want this? Well, having USB host capability allows input devices such as scanner and keyboards to be connected to the printer. This is important for implementing smart printing – using Datamax’s “Advance Line Mode Printing” or MCL. Memory can be expanded using USB memory devices as well – up to 8GB is supported.

Having an SD card slot is also a great way to be able to add extra memory to the printer. Note that although Datamax says that the SD option is SDIO, I don’t believe SDIO devices such as BlueTooth or WiFi cards are supported – it would be nice if they were!

Having the ability to move files, add memory and use USB input devices can open up all kinds of opportunities to get more out of your printer investment.

Could the ability to use USB input devices right on the printer help your labeling operations? Give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237 to discuss.

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