Is Wireless Printing Right For You?

You might think your label printing is as efficient as it will ever be, but if your thermal printers are still connected via cables, then you may not be realizing peak productivity.

Cables can’t always go to the areas where you need label printing. This usually means walking to a central computer to pick up labels, or using pre printed labels that are stored in a workstation or on an inventory shelf. This can result in periods of non productivity, or mislabeling due to picking up the wrong labels. Either way, it’s wasted time and money.

Wireless connectivity overcomes the obstacles imposed by cables. You can now create bar codes and RFID smart labels on demand right where you need them. Produce variable-information labels in your automated production environments, relabel incoming shipments in your receiving area, or create security passes for your facility using the flexibility offered by wireless printers.

For most types of businesses, security warrants serious consideration. Today’s wireless printers support the protocols that are used to protect your enterprise networks.

Our partners at Zebra Technologies have put together a white paper titled “When, Where, How and Why To Use Wireless Printers” that describes how wireless printing can be used in your industry. Download your copy here(223kb).

So don’t stay tethered to cables. Give us a call to find out more about how you might benefit from wireless technology. You might discover new business processes and gain efficiencies you never would have thought of before.  Let us know what you think about wireless printing by leaving comment.

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