Mobile Computing In Cold Environments

We all know that the advances in wireless networking, barcoding, and RF data collection allow mobile computing efficiency. But what if your warehouse is a cold storage area, or your workers need to wear protective gear to work in a cold environment? Such conditions provide challenges to computer equipment that prevent you from realizing the true benefits of mobile computing.

Low temperatures lead to cold air, frost, and condensation, all of which can undermine performance of even ruggedized computing equipment. And your work force shouldn’t have to deal with the difficulties that keep their mobile computers from operating correctly; all that does is erode productivity.

Mobile computers, wireless equipment, and data collection devices are available now that are specifically made for use in cold, moist, and freezing conditions. Integrated heaters, strong sealants, and low-impedance lithium-ion batteries are just some of the features found on rugged cold-temperature computers.

To realize the productivity benefits of mobile computing in cold and freezing temperatures, you’ll need computers that are designed to operate in your environment. You’d be surprised to find the adaptations that are made to mobile computers that make them effective for cold environments. For more information, feel free to download our white paper on Using Mobile Computers in Cold Environments. We’d like to know how you deal with computing equipment in your cold-temperature environment. What type of application is most frustrating for you? Please, leave a comment!

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