Polyonics’ New Flame Retardant Label Material

Using flame retardant materials has been common in some industries, such as the aviation business for a long time.

Recent cases in the electronics industry, where some consumer devices have overheated and caught fire, shows how important the use of flame retardant materials is in this industry as well.

This makes the introduction of the XF-603 polyimide label an important step. XF-603 is a flame retardant polyimide label material that can be used for product identification or bar code label applications.  The XF-603 meets the difficult VTM-0 level of flame retardants per UL94 standard.  This polyimide label is designed to perform in the most demanding environments and also is compliant to the latest REACH/ROHS requirements and each lot is certified to be halogen free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels.

Check out this video from Polyonics that shows just how well this material performs…

Here at Winco ID, we have been a partner of Polyonics for many years. Many of the high quality durable labels we convert are made from Polyonics materials.

Whether you need Kapton (polyimide) or other durable or flame retardant labels, our team of label experts is bound to have a solution.

Give us a call at 603-598-1553.

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